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We’re potty about pots!

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The change of seasons gives a great opportunity to change up your pots- removing old, faded bedding and tired or battered shrubs, and planting afresh. We have a wide variety of pots of all shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, materials and colours in our Cork and Wexford garden centres, and now is a great time to change the look of your garden by changing out or adding new pots, as well as giving pot-bound and stunted plants new space to breath.

It can be tricky to remove pot-bound shrubs and trees from old pots. Take a look at the pot you are removing them from. Is it cracked or damaged beyond repair? If so, your best bet might be to take a hammer to the pot and carefully crack it more to remove the pot from around the roots. Be careful, the edges will be sharp. The cracked pot can then be broken up further and used in the base of a new pot to help with drainage. If your plant seems stunted but not currently pot-bound, it may still be time to move up a pot-size if you are hoping for your shrub or tree to grow larger for greater impact.

When you have your plants removed, try to break up and pull out the outer edges of pot-bound roots a bit so that they can happily spread into the new compost. We recommend adding in some fresh compost with added fertilisers on top of a broken pot or loose stone base, along with the old compost from your previous pot which will likely be quite depleted in nutrients. Don’t forget to add a tree support where required. Fresh bedding added to the base of your tree or shrub can take the bare look off larger pots, and can make for a lovely display. This bedding can then be easily changed out throughout the seasons.

We have a wide range of different types of pots in our Cork and Wexford garden centres. Much of the outdoor pots are frost-proof and should be able to survive all weathers. We also have a wide range of indoor pots and baskets which can be used as pot covers for houseplants. Leave your houseplant in its original container, and simply pop the plant plus pot into the pot cover. Then you can easily switch around your plants to give a different look to your rooms as you wish. Just ensure that there are holes in the bottom of your original container, and that the pot cover can contain water. Baskets made for this purpose have a plastic liner inside to contain any water.

Brightly coloured pots can really add a splash of colour to your garden or inside your home, and it can be fun to coordinate with flowering plants of the same colour. Indoor pots with tripod legs are particularly fashionable at the moment. Just ensure you have your tripod well balanced and that the legs are screwed on fully. Old-fashioned pedestal style planters can look really stunning outside older farmhouses and homes, while modern tall square planters in dark colours and with glazed surfaces can look striking beside newer builds.

So, whether you are looking for new pots for your standard bay or rose to place beside your front door; pots for patio plants and specimen trees in the back garden; pots for your indoor cactus and orchids; pots for your windowsill for that balcony garden; or pots for planting bulbs; come on down to Botanic Home & Garden Centre where we’re potty about pots, and happy to help you out!

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