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Real versus Artificial? The Christmas Tree Conundrum.

Selection of real and artificial Christmas tree.

There are those who simply cannot live without the real Christmas tree scent in their home, and the look and feel of a real Christmas tree, and there are those for whom the artificial Christmas tree’s position in the home will never be usurped. We’re probably never going to change some people’s minds, and there certainly are benefits to both, but what are these benefits?

It really is hard to beat the scent of a real Christmas tree. Yes, you can get scented oils, but most just don’t fully capture the smell of fresh pine. Then there’s the shape of the tree. If you buy one from our garden centres, you can look at the shape and see how it would fit well in your room before you buy – as opposed to buying a tree already wrapped up where you cannot see the shape. Artificial trees are very uniform, and so sometimes don’t quite have that unique look about them. Saying that – you know where you stand with an artificial tree – if it fit perfectly into that corner of the sitting room last year, you can be guaranteed it will fit again this year! Of course, with some careful pruning, a real tree can also be made to fit the trickiest shaped space.

Real Christmas trees come in a variety of species, from Korean fir to Noble fir, so you can choose which one you like best. Noble have needles which are more blue in colour, while Nordman are green. With artificial trees however, the sky’s the limit, as they come in a huge variety including those with a snow, frosted look. Some also have led lighting in the actual tree itself, so you don’t have to add lights after.

Lastly, with respect to the environment, we all need to consider what’s the most environmentally friendly tree to purchase for your family. Our real freshly cut Christmas trees are sourced from a local Irish Christmas tree farmer who is committed to sustainability. The trees provide a great habitat for wildlife while growing. Real trees don’t require storage throughout the year, and are also easy to dispose of responsibly, just check out your local council for recycling advise after Christmas. Our Christmas trees in pots are also a great option, and are perfect for outdoor use, and if cared for properly can last for years and years. We would recommend that they not be brought in and out of the house, as the shock of changes in temperature may prove challenging for the tree. With respect to artificial trees, they are made to last, so provided you use the same tree year on year, not only will you save money but it also means you don’t require a new fresh tree every year. The trick here is to spend a little extra to buy a nice full artificial tree which will age well over the years, as opposed to picking up a ‘bargain’ of a cheaper, less full tree which you will end up throwing out after a couple of years in favour of a new tree. So, provided you use your artificial tree for long enough, you will minimise the environmental impact.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your real Christmas tree well-watered, keeping the lighting switches away from the water base, and no matter if you have a real or artificial tree remember to turn those lights off when you leave the house. See our previous blog for more tips on keeping your real tree happy this Christmas.

Whether you choose a real or artificial tree this Christmas, we are ready to help you find the perfect one for you and your family. So come on in the Botanic Home & Garden Centre in Cork & Wexford to pick out your perfect Christmas tree.

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