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Primroses – Plant of the Month for February

Primroses are wonderful little plants for this time of year, and provide a great reason to dust off those gardening gloves and get out into the garden. Primroses come in a huge variety of flower colours, and we have a great offer of 10 x 10cm pot primroses here at Botanic Home & Garden Centre  right up until the end of February.

Primroses are a member of the Primula genus. They are related to polyanthus but differ in that primroses have individual flowers on separate stalks near to the leaves, and polyanthus have a thick stem from which multiple flowers emerge proud of the leaves.

Primroses are easy to grow, and they add a splash of colour to containers and borders throughout spring. Dead-heading the flowers will encourage new flowers to form and will keep your plants flowering throughout the season. To create an instant full display, plant multiple clumps together. Established plants can be split when they form large clumps. Cut off damaged or old leaves to keep the plant tidy and attractive, particularly in winter. Primroses will seed themselves, you may wish to leave some flowers on towards the end of the season to encourage seed development.

How to Grow
Plant primroses in part shade in damp soil. They are ideally suited to plant in pots and containers. Just ensure to keep them watered in drier weather. It is best not to plant primroses in full sun, but if you are going to just give the plants plenty of mulch.

Planting Scheme
Primroses will work perfectly alongside spring flowering bulbs. Planting in a colour scheme can look really beautiful, e.g. it looks really wonderful to plant and orange primroses alongside narcissi and daffodils, and purple and pink primroses alongside white and pink bellis and purple irises. Don’t forget to add in some greens and some different textures along with your planting, such as adding grasses, miniature conifers, hebes etc.

We have 10cm potted primroses at 1.25 each, or ten plants for 10 euros up until the end of February. It’s definitely time to stock up on primroses and get planting!

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