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Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena Marginata in pot plus close up of leaves

We are showcasing the striking Dracaena Marginata this October at Botanic Home & Garden Centre. Commonly called the Dragon Plant, or the Red-Edged Dracaena, this plant hails from Madagascar. As such, it makes a great houseplant and office plant due to its high tolerance of dry conditions and as it won’t mind so much if you entirely forget about it for periods of time. With its beautiful long spikey dark green leaves with red edge, it really does add drama to your room. As it grows, the lower leaves fall off, leaving a tall thin trunk. It can grow quite tall, up to 3 meters, but it is very slow growing, so a small plant will take years to progress to this stage. If it’s getting a bit too tall, you can simply cut off the growth at the very top. Smaller plants can make a large statement by planting in a pedestal pot or by placing on a plant stand.

How to Grow
Dracaena Marginata does not like too much water, and leaves may fall off and roots begin to rot if over-watered. It’s best therefore to plant it with pebbles at the base of the pot to mitigate the risk of its roots sitting in water at any point. Any good houseplant compost will work well for planting, and the plant can be re-potted after a few years or occasionally dressed in extra compost. Water when the soil is beginning to dry out. This plant will also benefit from a light misting occasionally. You can dust the leaves or use a leaf-shine product such as BabyBio Leaf Shine to keep it looking its best.

If you choose to shorten your plant, you can simply cut the can with sharp secateurs, and it will sprout new leaves from the cut stem within a few weeks.

As with many houseplants, Dracaena Marginata will thrive at room temperature, 18-24 degrees Celsius, but take care to avoid placing beside hot radiators or by cold draughts. Dead tips on the leaves can be due to dry soil or dry air or too much direct sunlight, but you can simply snip off the dead tips to instantly improve the look of the plant.

Planting Scheme
Dracaena Marginata adds a modern and dramatic touch to a room, and really does well with a range of houseplants – there are no rules here. Smaller Dracaena plants look great planted alongside contrasting leaf shapes and textures such as succulents. You could plant other Dracaena nearby if you have space, such as Dracaena Fragrans which has wider leaves, some cultivars having a distinctive yellow stripe in the centre. Larger Dracaenas look wonderful planted alongside other striking leafy plants such as Dypsis Lutescens (Areca Palm/Butterfly Palm) or Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree), especially if you mix the heights of the plants to create a lush indoor scene.

We have 10% off Dracaena Marginata for the month of October at Botanic Home & Garden Centre, so why not treat yourself to this dramatic plant!

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